Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Weight Training

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Study: strength training after giving birth 16.11.2014
Leg presses before cycling: 6 percent faster over 20k 13.11.2014
Obese teenagers benefit most from a combination of strength training and cardio 21.10.2014
Strength athletes don't need to-failure sets to achieve growth 17.10.2014
Training shoulders with elastic band just as effective as using weights 08.10.2014
Blood flow restriction sets at the end of a workout build more strength 03.10.2014
Swiss-ball crunches better than machine crunches 02.10.2014
Two elite exercises for your abs 30.09.2014
Push-ups using the BOSU and the T-bow – more effective or not? 22.09.2014
Court hearing for CrossFit researchers 08.09.2014
High frequency training works just as well as low frequency training 30.08.2014
How to train the upper chest with push ups 28.08.2014
CrossFit is more fun for beginners, but not more effective than traditional fitness 24.08.2014
Sets of 6-8 reps build up just as much strength as sets of 10-14 reps 22.08.2014
Push-ups just as good as bench presses for strength building 11.08.2014
Stressed out strength athletes take longer to recover post-workout 05.08.2014
Decline bench press better for pecs than incline bench press 02.08.2014
Blood flow restriction training goes well with regular strength training 19.07.2014
How many workouts bodybuilders can skip (without reducing their progression) 01.07.2014
Diehards who hardly ever miss fitness training sessions live longer 26.06.2014
The best two exercises for the back of your legs 18.06.2014
Strength training increases success of attempts to quit smoking 10.06.2014
Lengthy cardio training stimulates growth hormone secretion more than strength training does 30.05.2014
Strength training speeds up cancer patients' recovery 11.05.2014
Over nineties still react to strength training 24.04.2014
Squat technique worsens with lots of reps and sets 18.04.2014
Strength training improves cholesterol level (a little) 26.03.2014
Make your push-ups more effective with suspension straps 18.03.2014
Strength training helps keep post-menopausal women slim 03.03.2014
High-intensity interval resistance training boosts EPOC 25.02.2014
Abductions better with elastic band than on machine 24.02.2014
Slow reps: strength training with light weights does give results 09.02.2014
Endurance training reduces strength training gains in muscle mass and strength 29.01.2014
Overweight people can best combine cardio and strength training 28.01.2014
Squat produces more growth hormone and testosterone than leg press 09.01.2014
Strength training makes sex still possible with prostate cancer 03.01.2014
Body mass squats make teenagers more muscular and slimmer 26.12.2013
How to prevent impingement in your shoulder 30.11.2013
More reps with NO gel 31.10.2013
Weakened soleus causes older women to fall 22.10.2013
Now there's proof: training for fat spot reduction doesn't work 27.09.2013
Animal study: strength training without steroids is good for heart and blood vessels 16.08.2013

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