Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Do you want to live longer? Go play chess! 04.08.2019
Lion's Mane as a life extender 02.08.2019
A little garlic every day makes you live three years longer 02.07.2019
Glycine supplementation extends life span 22.06.2019
Strength training for speed extends lifespan 17.04.2019
Your life partner's happiness extends your life span 15.04.2019
How fit men protect themselves against heart attacks 23.03.2019
Being fit as important for your health as not smoking 21.03.2019
If you eat more of these foods, you will live longer 14.02.2019
SLO1 inhibitors: life extension drugs that keep muscles strong when you age 27.01.2019
The delayed aging of elite sprinters 08.01.2019
More beta-carotene in your blood, longer life 02.01.2019
Endurance training, interval training makes biological clock tick slower 04.12.2018
Coffee - a superfood that reduces mortality 01.12.2018
Yogurt protects against heart attack, milk does not 06.11.2018
Fit already? Become super fit, and you will live even longer 30.10.2018
N-3 fatty acids increase chance of successful aging 21.10.2018
A few workouts per week eliminate the life-shortening effect of stress 09.10.2018
Fisetin, the life-extender in cucumber, makes senescent cells disappear from the body 08.10.2018
Chlorella, the green life extender 01.09.2018
Kombucha, the controversial life-extender 27.08.2018
Plant based low carb diet is healthy, animal low-carb diet is not 21.08.2018
Coffee ingredient chlorogenic acid blocks insulin's pro-aging effect 15.08.2018
An active lifestyle doubles the chance that you will still be perfectly healthy 10 years from now 07.08.2018
SkQ1 extends lifespan through the immune system 18.07.2018
Daily piece of fruit protects against deadly heart attacks and strokes 17.07.2018
Ginger, the life-extensionist's spice 16.07.2018
Combination of probiotics and Ayurvedic preparation prolongs life of fruit fly by sixty percent 10.07.2018
Religion as a life-extender: more is better 09.07.2018
The very first drug against aging is coming 02.07.2018
Yoga slows down all types of aging 30.06.2018
How chronic stress shortens your life 25.06.2018
Obituaries reveal the secret of a long life: religion 17.06.2018
Walking at brisk pace is healthier 04.06.2018
Fasting activates stem cells to regenerate tissues 16.05.2018
Cyanidin, the life-extender in blueberries 12.04.2018
The anti-AGE-ing effect of olive oil 05.04.2018
In your sixties? You are biologically four years younger than you would have been two decades ago 19.03.2018
Low-inflammatory lifestyle helps you stay fit in old age 27.02.2018
Strong muscles lower mortality in people in their twenties and thirties 10.02.2018
Longevity tip: eat spicy foods 2-3 times a week 15.01.2018
The muscles you are growing now may save your life later 10.01.2018
Omega-3 fatty acids extend your life span 04.01.2018
Old, frail and ill? EPA may keep you alive 31.12.2017
Health improvements noticeable after just 4 days of more movement and less sitting 12.12.2017
Do you want to live longer? Leave your house every day 30.11.2017
Healthy lifestyle - longer life with less disability towards the end 03.11.2017
1998: walk a couple of kilometres a day and halve your chance of dying 13.10.2017
Longevity strategy: keep up your DHEA, testosterone and IGF-1 levels 02.08.2017
The anti-aging effect of a simple relaxation exercise 01.08.2017
Eat a handful of nuts every day and you'll live almost two years longer 22.07.2017
Coffee is healthy, but not caffeine 15.07.2017
Live two years longer with extra vitamin E 14.07.2017
Potassium rich diet protects against stroke and reduces mortality risk 11.07.2017
Meta-analysis: you can reduce your mortality risk by a factor of 5 through your diet 07.07.2017
Subjective age says more about chance of serious illness than objective age 28.04.2017
Animal study: half cup of green tea daily is life extending 15.04.2017
Delay aging without strict diet: supplement with ketones 05.04.2017
The gene that gets you to 100 and still healthy reacts to diet 04.04.2017
Conflictive and stressful relationships are fatal 30.03.2017
Slow reactions? Die sooner... 19.03.2017
Live longer thanks to Swiss cheese bacteria 13.02.2017
Loneliness leads to first stages of dementia 09.02.2017
Lactic acid keeps you fit, healthy and young 07.02.2017
Which diet reduces chance of fatal heart attacks, strokes and cancer? 23.01.2017
Sports and voluntary work extend men's life expectancy - courses and hobbies extend that of women 12.01.2017
Diet of beans, fermented dairy products, fruit, coffee, nuts and seaweed delays aging 09.01.2017
People with low cortisol levels have younger looking face for longer 21.12.2016
Half an hour exercise a day? Make that three hours... 20.12.2016
Good comics die sooner 19.12.2016
Peak young, die young 23.11.2016
Fit centenarians have high vitamin D levels 22.11.2016
Book readers live a few years longer 21.11.2016
The more inflammatory factors, the quicker death comes 17.11.2016
Do intensive exercise instead of moderately intensive exercise and live longer 11.10.2016
Delay aging with a diet rich in fish oil, curcumin, magnesium and other natural anti-inflammatories 05.10.2016
Drink a couple of cups of coffee a day, and live longer 16.09.2016
Nicotinamide riboside extends life expectancy and rejuvenates muscles 09.09.2016
Maintain muscle mass and live longer 05.08.2016
How to look younger than you really are 29.07.2016
Concentrating on positive feelings during adversity extends life expectancy 21.06.2016
Want to live longer? Eat lots of beans, nuts and fish, and avoid soft drinks 10.06.2016
Aronia delays aging of heart and blood vessels 03.06.2016
Why olive oil can help us live longer 01.06.2016
Why PQQ delays aging (and speeds up fat loss) 26.04.2016
Boiled and fried vegetables are healthier than raw vegetables 19.04.2016
Tinned fruit is not healthy 07.04.2016
Strength training boosts irisin levels 17.12.2015
Citrulline increases muscle mass and reduces fat mass by blocking the aging process 08.12.2015
The Fast Mimicking Diet: lose fat (and gain a little muscle) 25.11.2015
Physical exercise boosts concentration of longevity hormone 06.11.2015
More stress, less longevity hormone 01.11.2015
Intensive exercise is healthier 24.10.2015
Whether you do a little or a lot, exercise is always healthy 17.10.2015
Glycine AKG a longevity supplement? 25.08.2015
Glycine rejuvenates old cells 24.08.2015
Diet with lots of vegetables reduces risk of mortality and cancer 22.08.2015
Camomile tea may help you live longer 20.08.2015
Flavonoids in food extend your life expectancy 15.08.2015
Red Blood Cell Width Distribution: another way in which resistance training extends life expectancy 06.05.2015
Strong muscles, strong immune system 27.03.2015
Delay aging by eating fewer meals per day 27.01.2015
Life extension, muscle tissue and irisin 25.01.2015
Meta-study: a high vitamin D level helps you live longer 24.01.2015
The more anabolic hormones your body produces, the longer you live 29.11.2014
Animal study: low-carb diet with lots of saturated fats cuts life expectancy 20.11.2014
Optimal fruit and veg intake is a pound a day, says meta-study 18.11.2014
Exercise prevents creakiness and illness in old age 19.09.2014
Live 12 percent longer on a low-glycaemic diet 13.09.2014
Elite athletes live longer 05.09.2014
Cacao extends your life expectancy and keeps you sharp 16.08.2014
Loneliness makes stress even more unhealthy 15.08.2014
High blood pressure? Get fit and live longer 12.08.2014
A life with a purpose lasts longer 10.08.2014
Running just 5 to 10 minutes a day will lengthen your life 08.08.2014
Standing is healthier than sitting 02.07.2014
Diehards who hardly ever miss fitness training sessions live longer 26.06.2014
Diabetics live longer with physical exercise 25.06.2014
Muscle mass extends life expectancy 15.06.2014
You'll live longer if your diet contains lots of vitamin K 20.05.2014
Glucosamine, the life extender 22.04.2014
1973 animal study: DMAE extends lifespan 19.04.2014
Live longer? Don't take pills, eat more veg... 15.04.2014
Animal study: cranberries are an anti-aging drug 19.03.2014
Polyphenols in food extend life expectancy 08.02.2014
Six things you can do to if you want to live to a hundred 13.01.2014
More magnesium, longer life expectancy 27.12.2013
Magnesium-rich diet reduces mortality risk 10.11.2013
Tour de France cyclists live six years longer 19.10.2013
EGCG protects liver and kidneys, and extends life expectancy 04.08.2013
Sedentary lifestyle causes body to deteriorate faster 30.06.2013
More exercise improves quality of life on all fronts 28.06.2013
Positive emotions extend life expectancy by ten years 13.06.2013
Your word use reveals the age you are likely to reach 11.05.2013
Positive view of life after retirement extends life expectancy 29.04.2013
No fear in the face of aging extends life expectancy 23.04.2013
Sleep less and you're more likely to die 03.04.2013
Better health = more sex 15.02.2013
Glaucarubinone extends life expectancy and boosts metabolism 19.01.2013
Animal study: L-theanine extends life expectancy 21.12.2012
Child that still needs you lengthens your life expectancy 05.12.2012
Alpha-carotene: the life elixir in carrots 30.10.2012
Live longer with Horny Goat Weed 27.10.2012
The more muscle you have the longer you live 01.10.2012
Caffeine and paracetamol are longevity drugs 28.09.2012
Animal study: epicatechin from cacao extends life expectancy 18.07.2012
Join Greenpeace and double your chance of good health 15.07.2012
Coffee reduces mortality risk but effect is minimal 01.07.2012
Dean Ornish diet makes your cells younger 17.06.2012
Vitamin S prolongs your life 16.06.2012
Combined effect of not smoking, healthy eating and exercise is tremendous 13.06.2012

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