Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Ginger, the life-extensionist's spice
Ginger, the life-extensionist's spice


A diet that delivers a little bit of ginger every day may not only protect against chronic diseases, but also prolong life.

Alpha-cedrene, a completely new kind of anabolic from cedar oil


Thanks to a receptor in our nose, we can smell alpha-cedrene, a substance in cedar oil. Muscle cells have that receptor as well. And if muscle cells 'smell' alpha-cedrene...

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Lemon balm kills cancer cells
Lemon balm kills cancer cells


Traditional healers in Europe have used lemon balm - scientific name Melissa officinalis - for centuries as an elixir of long & healthy life. Researchers in Iran published the results of an in-vitro study, which would indeed suggest that lemon balm may be a longevity drug.

Androgens give users an excuse for aggression


Anabolic steroid users may not only react more aggressively to provocations because the amount of androgens that circulates in their body. The knowledge that they are using anabolic steroids may also plays a significant role.

Vitamin B1 analogue fursultiamine increases stamina and strength

Vitamin B1 analogue fursultiamine increases stamina and strength
Vitamin B1 analogue fursultiamine increases stamina and strength


If you give this stuff to mice, their stamina increases spectacularly - and their muscles will get stronger. All without training.

Daily dose of 3 grams of krill oil makes bodybuilders gain more muscle


American private researchers come to this conclusion in a human study... which has been sponsored by a producer of krill oil.

Combination of probiotics and Ayurvedic preparation prolongs life of fruit fly by sixty percent

Combination of probiotics and Ayurvedic preparation prolongs life of fruit fly by sixty percent
Combination of probiotics and Ayurvedic preparation prolongs life of fruit fly by sixty percent


Okay, okay - the life of fruit flies. But still.

Religion as a life-extender: more is better


If you could put religion in a pill, they would have a more powerful life-prolonging effect as they were heavier dosed.

More testosterone means more appreciation for status symbols


Why do so many - thank God not all - extremely muscular bodybuilders like to wear those monstrously large watches? And why do these same athletes remarkably often prefer to drive these equally monstrous large automobiles?

N-Acetylglucosamine accelerates the formation of muscle fibers


Maybe athletes build up more muscles in the long term if they take a few grams of N-acetylglucosamine every day.

A little bit of physical activity improves body composition in combination with ursolic acid


A tiny amount of physical exercise, which is too modest to increase muscle mass and reduce fat mass, improves physical exercise in combination with ursolic acid supplementation. Animal study.

Arginine arms immune system against 'the new Aids'


A deadly disease spreads across the world from South America. Journalists call it 'the new Aids', but its official name is Chagas disease. Maybe supplementation with a simple amino acid will help doctors to stop it.

Cup of green tea per day halves the mortality risk of women with ovarian cancer 04.07.18
Pycnogenol, the vegetable lubricant for worn joints 03.07.18
The very first drug against aging is coming 02.07.18
A too comfortable running shoe increases the risk of injuries 01.07.18
Yoga slows down all types of aging 30.06.18
Camomile tea may help you live longer 29.06.18
VASO6, the enigmatic NO booster from green tea 28.06.18
Glutamine enhances muscle strengthening effect of leucine 27.06.18
Feeling tense? Need more energy? A short training session is more effective than resting 26.06.18
How chronic stress shortens your life 25.06.18
High vitamin D levels due to supplementation may protect against breast cancer 24.06.18
Less fatigue due to more hours of yoga 23.06.18
Eat only between 10 o'clock in the morning and 6 o'clock in the evening, and lose weight effortlessly 22.06.18
Why getting more of your carbs from legumes will make you healthier 21.06.18
The venous system, varices & Pycnogenol 20.06.18
Aronia berries reduce belly fat 19.06.18
Losing body fat with Pycnogenol? 18.06.18
Obituaries reveal the secret of a long life: religion 17.06.18
Is it so bad that women prefer strength training with light weights? 16.06.18
Cancer inhibitor in green tea may be effective in humans 15.06.18
How Pycnogenol slows aging and reduces the risk of chronic diseases 14.06.18
Alkaline diet improves high-intensity sports performance 13.06.18
Improvement of diet does make you healthier, addition of juice, nuts and fish oil to a bad diet does not 12.06.18
Tiger nuts double testosterone levels 11.06.18
Supplementation with green tea extract Greenselect Phytosome: more growth hormone and accelerated fat loss 10.06.18
Terbutaline tabs for a month: gain 2 kilos of muscle, lose 1 kilo of fat 09.06.18
Physical activity enables the brain to repair itself and rejuvenate itself 08.06.18
Taking eight puffs of terbutaline every day results in a kilo of extra muscle mass 4 weeks later 07.06.18
Outcomes of human studies with TTA are disappointing 06.06.18
Tetradecylthioacetic Acid, a weird fat burner 05.06.18
Walking at brisk pace is healthier 04.06.18
We are doing the cooking ourselves again 03.06.18
Alpha-Lipoic Acid fights carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms 02.06.18
Doctors stigmatise steroids users 01.06.18
Gram of vitamin C makes the anxious less anxious 31.05.18
Daily supplementation with 250 mg oleoylethanolamide causes fat loss 30.05.18
Egg per day reduces risk of fatal cardiovascular disease 29.05.18
Dietary and supplemental magnesium protects against arteriosclerosis 28.05.18
PQQ improves mood & sleep 27.05.18
What is Spectra doing in your PWO? 26.05.18
The shake before bedtime is just as effective during the day 25.05.18
Intermittent fasting may prevent diabetes type-2 24.05.18
Healthier diet means more brains 23.05.18
Animal study: 120 mg clove extract daily boosts testosterone level 22.05.18
A post-strength training shake with just whey works better than a shake with whey and carbs 21.05.18
If dietary improvement doesn't lower your cholesterol, try panthetine 20.05.18
12,13-Di-HOME: a new fat loss agent? Or a new undetectable endurance drug? 19.05.18
Echinacea keeps immune system up & running in times of severe stress 18.05.18
This is what happens when you combine creatine, leucine and carnitine 17.05.18
Fasting activates stem cells to regenerate tissues 16.05.18
In combination with protein supplementation, this comprehensive training approach has more effect on body composition than just strength training 15.05.18
After heart attack, Q10 makes the blood vessels healthier (14.05.18
Diet with lots of pumpkins, peppers and carrots reduces colorectal cancer risk 13.05.18
Gelatine-based Fortibone makes bones stronger 12.05.18
How PQQ delays aging (and speeds up fat loss) 11.05.18
Fats from olive oil and nuts protect and rejuvenate blood vessels 10.05.18
Flyes and reverse flyes: an elastic band instead of dumbbells 09.05.18
Need more energy? Take a placebo! 08.05.18
HMB makes trained athletes even slimmer and fitter 07.05.18
Not only tomatoes, but also carrots protect against prostate cancer 06.05.18
Supplementation with beta-alanine makes circuit training with weights more effective 05.05.18
Olive oil compound hydroxytyrosol lowers fat percentage 04.05.18
These supplements accelerate fat loss during a low-glycemic diet 03.05.18
Do you work out with weights and do you want to lose fat? Drink your protein shakes with your meals 02.05.18
Less anxiety with vitamin C 01.05.18
Human study: olive leaf supplement increases insulin sensitivity 30.04.18
A few milligrams of nicotine makes athletes sprint faster 29.04.18
Weak back and you still want to do deadlifts? Try using a trap bar 28.04.18
In muscle tissue, the olive phytochemical oleuropein imitates the effect of insulin 27.04.18
How healthy is red wine without alcohol? 26.04.18
High vitamin D levels drastically reduce the risk of diabetes type-2 25.04.18
Improved Q10 analogue MitoQ rejuvenates old blood vessels in human study 24.04.18
Cactus juice makes you fitter 23.04.18
Tinned fruit is not healthy 22.04.18
Working out at high temperatures goes well with creatine supplementation 21.04.18
Combination of oxandrolone and XTC causes day-long hallucinations 20.04.18
Women with Physique aspirations benefit from a high protein diet 19.04.18
Even moderate use of alcohol may shorten your life 18.04.18
Meditation protects attention from aging 17.04.18
Why squats with 100 kg are heavier than leg presses with 200 kg 16.04.18
Squats with a flexible bar: a lot of impact on muscles with relatively little weight 15.04.18