Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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How to prevent impingement in your shoulder


The medical term is subacromial impingement syndrome, but in the gym it's usually just called impingement: an injury which causes pain when you raise your arm sideways, lie on your damaged shoulder and sometimes even when just wearing a heavy jacket.

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Five months of strength training with and without whey
Five months of strength training with and without whey


Physiologists at the University of Jyvaeskyla in Finland did an experiment with 31 subjects in their twenties, which reveals exactly what you can expect from protein supplements.

Hip thrusts good for footballers, front squats for basketball players


Footballers and rugby players probably react well to strength training programmes that include hip thrusts, while volleyball and basketball players benefit more from front squats.

Aging without wrinkles due to vitamin C supplementation

Aging without wrinkles due to vitamin C supplementation

Aging without wrinkles due to vitamin C supplementation
Aging without wrinkles due to vitamin C supplementation


By supplementing daily with 400-1600 milligrams of vitamin C, you might be able to delay the appearance of wrinkles, a Korean animal study suggests.

Moderate alcohol use healthy? Not at the molecular level...


Epidemiological studies have already shown that moderate alcohol consumption does not have a positive health effect. Recently, a molecular study was published in Scientific Reports that came to the same conclusion.

Athletes perform better after four days of healthy eating

Athletes perform better after four days of healthy eating
Athletes perform better after four days of healthy eating


After reasonably fit students have eaten healthily for 4 days, they run the 5K significantly faster than after having eaten for 4 days in a typical Western way.

Strength training for speed extends lifespan


For longevity purposes, power training is likely to be more useful than other forms of strength training, this study suggests.

Green tea boosts fat burning after interval training


If you believe in doing cardio training on an empty stomach as a way of losing fat, then you'll be interested in this human study. It says that the amount of fat that you burn during and after a short interval training session increases significantly if you take green tea capsule an hour before starting the workout.

Your life partner's happiness extends your life span


This is evident form a study that Olga Stavrova, a social psychologist at Tilburg University, published in Psychological Science.

Synthetic superantioxidant Eukarion-134 stops muscle breakdown


NASA scientists discovered that the synthetic antioxidant Eukarion-134 prevents the body from breaking down muscles during extended periods of inactivity.

Probiotics arm immune system against cancer cells and germs


According to this American meta study, probiotics do indeed improve the human immune system. These benign microorganisms cause immune cells to attack cancer cells and germs more agressively.

Why it's best to train big muscle groups first and then the smaller muscles


You train big muscle groups first and then the smaller ones. That's the way most standard training schedules are put together. Sports scientists at the University of Kurdistan in Iran have discovered why the standard approach isn't so crazy.

Combination of fish oil and curcumin activates anabolism in inactive muscles


If you do not use your muscles, your body breaks them down. Fish oil and curcumin supplementation can inhibit or maybe even stop this breakdown.

Arctigenin, the endurance drug in Arctium lappa


Fascinating animal study, from which you could deduce that an effective daily human dose of arctigenin would be a couple of dozen milligrams.

Natural environment lowers cortisol levels


Do you suffer from stress? Go into nature. The longer you stay in a natural and green environment, the further your cortisol level drops. And if you are short on time, try to stay at least 20-30 minutes in a park or forests.

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