Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Steroid user more vulnerable to heat: animal study


The more androgens circulate in your system, the more difficulties your body has keeping your body temperature low during heat exposure.

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Anabolic steroids use in 2018
Anabolic steroids use in 2018


In the Dutch steroid scene, using trenbolone has become just as normal as using nandrolone, but good old testosterone is still the most commonly used anabolic steroid. Growth hormone has become more popular than clenbuterol, and blasting & cruising is still relatively rare.

Red pepper makes muscles stronger


If you're male, you muscles are several percent stronger if you ingest red pepper a few times a week. Or cayenne, or sambal sauce.

Supplementation for joint problems: 10 grams of glycine per day

Supplementation for joint problems: 10 grams of glycine per day
Supplementation with 10 grams of glycine per day makes your joints stronger


An expectation, expressed by Spanish researchers in an in vitro study published in Amino Acids.

Phaleria macrocarpa: more testosterone, more fertile


In Asian countries supplements with extracts of Phaleria macrocarpa - other names: Mahkota Dewa, God's Crown - have already hit the shelves. In Western regions things are different.

The 5:2 fasting diet is just as effective as the traditional weight loss approach

The 5:2 fasting diet is just as effective as the traditional weight loss approach
The 5:2 fasting diet is just as effective as the traditional weight loss approach


This study is the largest trial of the effect of the 5:2 form of intermittent fasting to date.

Who still believes that blood doping is not effective?


If you bring 135 milliliters of plasma with red blood cells into the system of an athlete, he or she will perform better. 135 milliliters is just a little more than nothing. This amount fits in a small tea cup.

Passiflora incarnata, a natural sleep enhancer


Quite some sleep supplements contain extracts of Passiflora incarnata. Both animal studies and human studies suggest that these products might work.

Women prefer men with muscle strength


Men who are looking for a relationship may increase their chances if they become physically stronger.

Extract of Passiflora incarnata works just as well against ADHD as Ritalin
Extract of Passiflora incarnata works just as well against ADHD as Ritalin


Small study by Iranian psychiatrists from Roozbeh Hospital in Tehran.

Endurance training, interval training makes biological clock tick slower


Strength training has no effect. The largest trial of its kind up to now.

Exercising before breakfast trains your fat tissues to break themselves down


The effects will only be fully visible in the longer term. Human research.

Butyrate protects muscles against aging


If you want to prevent the aging process from reducing your muscle mass, then of course you first think of strength training and a diet with enough protein. In the second place you might also think of a diet that increases the concentration of butyrate in the blood.

Coffee - a superfood that reduces mortality


Every 2 cups of coffee you drink every day will reduce your mortality risk by almost a quarter.

Does daily supplementation with spirulina make you just as fit as a daily workout?


We have our reservations.

Daily hot bath improves glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity


If you are not able to exercise, you can still expose yourself to heat.

Modified ecdysteroids with more anabolic effect 28.11.18
If you eat a lot of calories, shiitake prevents you from getting fat27.11.18
Low-intensity cardio stimulates muscle growth through strength training, high-intensity cardio does not 26.11.18
More tomato juice, stronger muscles 25.11.18
The increased mortality risk of the average steroid user 24.11.18
MSM reduces pain in muscles and joints after half-marathon 23.11.18
Increasing muscle size with neuromuscular electrostimulation more likely to succeed with high frequency 22.11.18
A gluten-free diet makes you slimmer - but in a different way than you think 22.11.18
Yessir, carbohydrates make you fat: brand new human study 20.11.18
European investigators test 358 anabolic steroids: two of three oxandrolones are bad 19.11.18
During your cardio, caffeine stimulates fat oxidation as much as p-synephrine 18.11.18
Does rooibos induce fat loss? 17.11.18
Protein after cycling today increases performance tomorrow 16.11.18
It's coming: a breathalyzer for anabolic steroids 15.11.18
Russelioside-B, a natural fat loss steroid 14.11.18
Fitness foods make you fat 13.11.18
Lowering your sodium intake means lowering your cortisol level 12.11.18
Insulin-like peptide-3, an unknown testicular anabolic hormone 11.11.18
Human study: Chlorella increases VO2max 10.11.18
Replacement of white bread with whole kernel rye bread makes you smarter 09.11.18
Weight loss attempts at Weight Watchers more successful than at hospital 08.11.18
Steroid users are more impulsive, impatient and unhappy than natural athletes 07.11.18
Yogurt protects against heart attack, milk does not 06.11.18
Supplement with tryptophan makes you more dominant 05.11.18
More vitamin D in your blood means more cardiorespiratory fitness 04.11.18
Ginkgo enhances the positive effect of physical activity on your brain 03.11.18
Most yogurts full of sugars 02.11.18
Q10 makes type-2 diabetics healthier 01.11.18
The anabolic effect of GSK20881078: human study 31.10.18
Fit already? Become super fit, and you will live even longer 30.10.18
Tryptophan supplementation increases emotional intelligence 29.10.18
Simultaneous stimulation of the receptors for cold and nicotine causes fast fat loss 28.10.18
Mild dehydration raises cortisol levels in athletes 27.10.18
CinDura, Cell-Tech's secret weapon 26.10.18
Restaurant food makes you just as fat as fast food 25.10.18
The anticancer effect of lemon balm 24.10.18
Ketogenic diet may help prevent dementia 23.10.18
What kind of anabolic steroid is methyldiazirinol? 22.10.18
N-3 fatty acids increase chance of successful aging 21.10.18
Algae and mushrooms not a full alternative for vitamin B12 supplements 20.10.18
French study: the human race has peaked 19.10.18
Q10 may protect cartilage in the spine against decay 18.10.18
There is something wrong with designersteroid 6a-chloro-androst-4-en-17b-ol-3-one 17.10.18
After twenty years of type-2 diabetes, patients no longer need insulin thanks to intermittent fasting 16.10.18
Fit athletes derive more benefit from testosterone boosters Cordyceps sinensis and Ganoderma lucidum 15.10.18
Matcha increases fat oxidation, reduces carbohydrate oxidation during moderate physical activity 14.10.18
Stims make bodybuilders and powerlifters with a traumatic past feel miserable 13.10.18
Carb binge after competition paralyzes bodybuilder 12.10.18
Pantethine tames allergy 11.10.18
Want to live longer? Eat lots of beans, nuts and fish, and avoid soft drinks 10.10.18
A few workouts per week eliminate the life-shortening effect of stress 09.10.18
Fisetin, the life-extender in cucumber, makes senescent cells disappear from the body 08.10.18
Little bit of physical activity protects the brain against hereditary form of Alzheimer's 07.10.18
Training your legs on the leg-press? Squats are better... 06.10.18
4 weeks of supplementation with keratin equals gaining 1 kilo of muscle 05.10.18
A few grams of galacto-oligosaccharides make your protein shake a better muscle builder 04.10.18
Quality of protein in whey isolate better than that of protein in whey concentrate 03.10.18
Early bird or night owl? In the higher echelons of sports it matters... 02.10.18
Green tea healthier and more effective on empty stomach 01.10.18
Withaferin-A counteracts obesity by increasing leptin sensitivity 30.09.18
Pantethine treatment reduces visceral fat and fatty liver 29.09.18
Physical activity and diet eliminate the fattening effect of PFASs 28.09.18
Megadose pantethine inhibits tumor growth 27.09.18
High-protein diet does not make your whey shake less anabolic 26.09.18
Vitamin B5 boosts immune system 25.09.18
Strength training lowers the fat percentage of children 24.09.18
House dust mite allergy? Running helps 23.09.18
The lifestyle that protects against diabetes: intensive exercise, cardiorespiratory fitness and few hours of sitting 22.09.18
Supplement with vitamin D protects martial artists against colds 21.09.18
It's possible: building muscles with wheat protein 20.09.18
Caffeine chewing gum works twice as fast as caffeine in pills or capsules 19.09.18
Kefir inhibits tumor growth: animal study 18.09.18
Anti-inflammatory diet allows smokers to live for years longer 17.09.18
Saffron, the universal mood booster 16.09.18
Older than 55? Yakult keeps your immune system strong 15.09.18
A straight posture makes difficult mental tasks easier 14.09.18
Turkey tail extract keeps skin young 13.09.18
Slimming without effort? Breakfast later, dine earlier 12.09.18
Garlic, an unlikely beautyceutical 11.09.18
Calculate fat percentage using height and waist circumference 10.09.18
Lab tests: 24 higenamine supplements 09.09.18
Spirulina gives you more energy 08.09.18
A glass of kefir per day increases muscle strength and endurance 07.09.18
Supplementation with these two mushrooms decimates the human papillomavirus 06.09.18
A lifestyle that simultaneously makes you leaner and fitter protects against cancer 05.09.18
Chlorella increases the effect of interval training 04.09.18
Meta-study: lower vitamin D levels, more excess weight 03.09.18
Humulus lupulus supplement combats depression, anxiety, and stress 02.09.18
Chlorella, the green life extender 01.09.18
Full body workout is a teeny weeny bit more effective than a split routine 31.08.18
Homemade yogurt is the best source of probiotics 30.08.18
More anabolic steroids, more sexual problems 29.08.18
Dreams are a measure of mental health 28.08.18
Kombucha, the controversial life-extender 27.08.18