Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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Anabolic steroids: 8 test results


Data form Brazil. All but one are fake.

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Adding salmon, green tea, onions, blueberries and grape juice to diet may improve sports performance

Adding salmon, green tea, onions, blueberries and grape juice to diet may improve sports performance

Adding salmon, green tea, onions, blueberries and grape juice to diet may improve sports performance
Adding salmon, green tea, onions, blueberries and grape juice to diet may improve sports performance


Athletes may perform better if they add extra salmon, green tea, onions, blueberries and dark grape juice to their diet. The phytochemicals in these foods enable the body to burn more carbohydrates.

More trees in your area, more Natural Killer Cells in your body


A forgotten Japanese human study.

Walking in green areas healthier than walking in the city
Walking in green areas healthier than walking in the city


Can you choose between walking in a built-up area and walking in green surroundings? If so, choose for the latter. Human study.

If you eat more of these foods, you will live longer


The more foods such as espresso, blueberries, raspberries, olives and spinach you consume every day, the longer you will live. The antioxidants in these products reduce the risk of deadly forms of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

The more anabolic hormones your body produces, the longer you live

The more anabolic hormones your body produces, the longer you live
The more anabolic hormones your body produces, the longer you live


Researchers at Harvard Medical School reached this conclusion after performing a molecular-epidemiological study on 925 men and women over the age of 54.

The use of caffeine among Olympic athletes increases


Since WADA removed caffeine from the WADA in 2004, Olympic athletes have been using the mild stimulant more often than before. Especially among cyclists, rowers and triathletes caffeine appears to be a popular ergogenic aid.

The anabolic effect of betaine

The anabolic effect of betaine
The anabolic effect of betaine


Athletes who take 2.5 g betaine daily and do intensive training increase their body's anabolic response to the workout. Human study. Sponsor alert.

Strength training in the morning is just as effective as strength training in the evening



Norvaline kills brain cells


The amino acid norvaline, which you can encounter in a lot of sports supplements, kills brain cells according to an Australian test tube study.

Getting enough sleep gives better diet results


According to this American study, the success of low calorie diets depends on the number of hours you sleep each day.

More fruits and vegetables, more sleep


This epidemiological study suggests that sleep quantity increases as you consume more fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.

Vitamin B6 protects against Parkinson's



S42, the Japanese fat loss SARM


Japanese researchers are experimenting with the weirdest SARM we ever came across. Meet S42.

Paprika protects against Parkinson's


It might be that people who eat lots of paprika or peppers are dramatically reducing their chance of developing Parkinson's disease. Epidemiology.

Collagen supplementation accelerates tendon injury healing in athletes


That is evident form a small human study, that Australian sports scientists have published in Nutrients.

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Under-dosed Genotropin and Omnitrope in web shops 01.02.19
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Pomegranate reduces cortisol by a third 28.01.19
SLO1 inhibitors: life extension drugs that keep muscles strong when you age 27.01.19
Testosterone levels in men over 50: age is not a factor 26.01.19
Quinoa's bursting with ecdysteroids 25.01.19
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Chin-Shin Oolong Tea contains growth hormone booster 23.01.19
White grape juice makes slimmer, increases HDL 22.01.19
Grape Seed Extract keeps big eaters' weight down 21.01.19
Whey protein and pea protein equally useful for CrossFitters 20.01.19
Caffeine increases calorie consumption by physical exercise 19.01.19
Less migraine with 80 mg vitamin B6 daily 18.01.19
New omega-3 analog sn1-DHA-LPC improves memory 17.01.19
Melissa officinalis is a smart drug 16.01.19
Protein shakes | The better military food 15.01.19
Caloric restriction + intermittent fasting = superior weight loss results 14.01.19
On a diet? Just drink water instead of diet sodas 13.01.19
Older than 60? Supplementation with fish oil, Ginkgo and B vitamins protects your brain 12.01.19
Combination of phenylalanine, alanine and arginine accelerates fat loss Fish oil capsules reduce aggression within six weeks 09.01.19
The delayed aging of elite sprinters 08.01.19
Test for doping with YK11 05.01.19
Danggui Buxue Tang: spectacular performance improvement in runners 04.01.19
More beta-carotene in your blood, longer life 02.01.19
Training hard in the evening? Melatonin supplement makes you fitter the next day 01.01.19
Ergothioneine makes mushrooms healthy for your brain 31.12.18
Pomegranate makes fit athletes even fitter 30.12.18
Exercise reduces blood pressure as much as medication 29.12.18
Insect protein just as good for muscle growth as protein from soy 28.12.18
Lignan in Arctium lappa makes fasting deadlier for cancer cells27.12.18
Chasing after happiness will only make you less happy 26.12.18
Ashwagandha accelerates increase of muscle strength in novice strength athletes 25.12.18
Meta study: taurine improves sport performance 24.12.18
Why platelet rich plasma does not work 23.12.18
Rosehips rejuvenate skin 22.12.18
Not Hoodia gordonii, but Hoodia parviflora 21.12.18
By combining BCAAs, citrulline and arginine, swimmers perform better during interval training 20.12.18
Low-carbohydrate diet for powerlifters: weight loss without losing strength 19.12.18
Losing weight by exercising? This little piece of knowledge will make your attempts more successful 18.12.18
Working out in the evening does not happen at the expense of sleep 17.12.18
Isolation exercises? You can do well without them 16.12.18
Steroid user more vulnerable to heat: animal study 15.12.18
Anabolic steroids use in 2018 14.12.18
Red pepper makes muscles stronger 13.12.18
Supplementation with 10 grams of glycine per day makes your joints stronger 12.12.18
Phaleria macrocarpa: more testosterone, more fertile 11.12.18
The 5:2 fasting diet is just as effective as the traditional weight loss approach 09.12.18
Who still believes that blood doping is not effective? 08.12.18
Passiflora incarnata, a natural sleep enhancer 07.12.18
Women prefer men with muscle strength 06.12.18
Extract of Passiflora incarnata works just as well against ADHD as Ritalin 05.12.18
Endurance training, interval training makes biological clock tick slower 04.12.18
Exercising before breakfast trains your fat tissues to break themselves down 03.12.18
Butyrate protects muscles against aging 02.12.18
Coffee - a superfood that reduces mortality 01.12.18
Does daily supplementation with spirulina make you just as fit as a daily workout? 30.11.18
Daily hot bath improves glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity 29.11.18
Modified ecdysteroids with more anabolic effect 28.11.18
If you eat a lot of calories, shiitake prevents you from getting fat27.11.18
Low-intensity cardio stimulates muscle growth through strength training, high-intensity cardio does not 26.11.18
More tomato juice, stronger muscles 25.11.18
The increased mortality risk of the average steroid user 24.11.18
MSM reduces pain in muscles and joints after half-marathon 23.11.18
Increasing muscle size with neuromuscular electrostimulation more likely to succeed with high frequency 22.11.18
A gluten-free diet makes you slimmer - but in a different way than you think 22.11.18
Yessir, carbohydrates make you fat: brand new human study 20.11.18
European investigators test 358 anabolic steroids: two of three oxandrolones are bad 19.11.18
During your cardio, caffeine stimulates fat oxidation as much as p-synephrine 18.11.18
Does rooibos induce fat loss? 17.11.18
Protein after cycling today increases performance tomorrow 16.11.18
It's coming: a breathalyzer for anabolic steroids 15.11.18
Russelioside-B, a natural fat loss steroid 14.11.18
Fitness foods make you fat 13.11.18
Lowering your sodium intake means lowering your cortisol level 12.11.18
Insulin-like peptide-3, an unknown testicular anabolic hormone 11.11.18
Human study: Chlorella increases VO2max 10.11.18
Replacement of white bread with whole kernel rye bread makes you smarter 09.11.18
Weight loss attempts at Weight Watchers more successful than at hospital 08.11.18
Steroid users are more impulsive, impatient and unhappy than natural athletes 07.11.18
Yogurt protects against heart attack, milk does not 06.11.18
Supplement with tryptophan makes you more dominant 05.11.18
More vitamin D in your blood means more cardiorespiratory fitness 04.11.18
Ginkgo enhances the positive effect of physical activity on your brain 03.11.18
Most yogurts full of sugars 02.11.18
Q10 makes type-2 diabetics healthier 01.11.18
The anabolic effect of GSK20881078: human study 31.10.18
Fit already? Become super fit, and you will live even longer 30.10.18
Tryptophan supplementation increases emotional intelligence 29.10.18
Simultaneous stimulation of the receptors for cold and nicotine causes fast fat loss 28.10.18
Mild dehydration raises cortisol levels in athletes 27.10.18
CinDura, Cell-Tech's secret weapon 26.10.18
Restaurant food makes you just as fat as fast food 25.10.18
The anticancer effect of lemon balm 24.10.18