Definition: "An ergogenic aid is any substance or phenomenon that enhances performance "

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N-3 fatty acids increase chance of successful aging


A high intake of n-3 fatty acids increases the chance that you grow old, without being affected by chronic conditions such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

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Algae and mushrooms not a full alternative for vitamin B12 supplements
Algae and mushrooms not a full alternative for vitamin B12 supplements


In theory vegans don't need supplements to maintain their vitamin B12 levels. Vitamin B12 is found in foods such as nori seaweed and shiitake mushrooms. But theory and practice are not the same thing.

French study: the human race has peaked


From a biological perspective, the human species has reached its peak. We are now at our strongest, our fastest, our largest and have reached the limits of our biological lifespan. We can no longer become stronger, faster and longer. Attempts to extend our maximum life span even further will fail.

Q10 may protect cartilage in the spine against decay

Q10 may protect cartilage in the spine against decay
Q10 may protect cartilage in the spine against decay


Many serious back problems arise because these intervertebral discs are worn or damaged. Maybe supplementation with Q10 can prevent this from happening.

There is something wrong with designersteroid 6a-chloro-androst-4-en-17b-ol-3-one


When researchers from the FDA analyzed capsules that should contain the designer steroid 6a-chloro-androst-4-en-17b-ol-3-one, they found something different.

After twenty years of type-2 diabetes, patients no longer need insulin thanks to intermittent fasting

After twenty years of type-2 diabetes, patients no longer need insulin thanks to intermittent fasting
After twenty years of type-2 diabetes, patients no longer need insulin thanks to intermittent fasting


At least, this was the case with the three type-2 diabetics that researchers at the University of Toronto in Canada wrote about in BMJ Case Reports.

Fit athletes derive more benefit from testosterone boosters Cordyceps sinensis and Ganoderma lucidum


Extracts from the mushrooms Cordyceps sinensis and Ganoderma lucidum boost athletes' testosterone levels. And they lower cortisol levels too. The fitter athletes are, the stronger the positive effect of the extracts.

Matcha increases fat oxidation, reduces carbohydrate oxidation during moderate physical activity

Matcha increases fat oxidation, reduces carbohydrate oxidation during moderate physical activity
Matcha increases fat oxidation, reduces carbohydrate oxidation during moderate physical activity


A few cups of Matcha per day increase fat oxidation during moderate-intensity physical activity, and simultaneously decreases the amount of carbohydrates the body uses as fuel.

Stims make bodybuilders and powerlifters with a traumatic past feel miserable


Researchers from the University questioned 300 powerlifters & bodybuilders.

Carb binge after competition paralyzes bodybuilder


After a competition, some bodybuilders binge on carbohydrates for a short period. So did a Korean bodybuilder, who ended up in the hospital. Metabolic drama.

Pantethine tames allergy


Let's hope that vitamin B5 also works in lower doses than the the mega doses the researchers gave to their mice.

Want to live longer? Eat lots of beans, nuts and fish, and avoid soft drinks


A diet containing relatively large amounts of beans, nuts, fish and seaweed is likely to extend your life expectancy. Consuming lots of soft drinks seems to have the opposite effect.

A few workouts per week eliminate the life-shortening effect of stress 09.10.18
Fisetin, the life-extender in cucumber, makes senescent cells disappear from the body 08.10.18
Little bit of physical activity protects the brain against hereditary form of Alzheimer's 07.10.18
Training your legs on the leg-press? Squats are better... 06.10.18
4 weeks of supplementation with keratin equals gaining 1 kilo of muscle 05.10.18
A few grams of galacto-oligosaccharides make your protein shake a better muscle builder 04.10.18
Quality of protein in whey isolate better than that of protein in whey concentrate 03.10.18
Early bird or night owl? In the higher echelons of sports it matters... 02.10.18
Green tea healthier and more effective on empty stomach 01.10.18
Withaferin-A counteracts obesity by increasing leptin sensitivity 30.09.18
Pantethine treatment reduces visceral fat and fatty liver 29.09.18
Physical activity and diet eliminate the fattening effect of PFASs 28.09.18
Megadose pantethine inhibits tumor growth 27.09.18
High-protein diet does not make your whey shake less anabolic 26.09.18
Vitamin B5 boosts immune system 25.09.18
Strength training lowers the fat percentage of children 24.09.18
House dust mite allergy? Running helps 23.09.18
The lifestyle that protects against diabetes: intensive exercise, cardiorespiratory fitness and few hours of sitting 22.09.18
Supplement with vitamin D protects martial artists against colds 21.09.18
It's possible: building muscles with wheat protein 20.09.18
Caffeine chewing gum works twice as fast as caffeine in pills or capsules 19.09.18
Kefir inhibits tumor growth: animal study 18.09.18
Anti-inflammatory diet allows smokers to live for years longer 17.09.18
Saffron, the universal mood booster 16.09.18
Older than 55? Yakult keeps your immune system strong 15.09.18
A straight posture makes difficult mental tasks easier 14.09.18
Turkey tail extract keeps skin young 13.09.18
Slimming without effort? Breakfast later, dine earlier 12.09.18
Garlic, an unlikely beautyceutical 11.09.18
Calculate fat percentage using height and waist circumference 10.09.18
Lab tests: 24 higenamine supplements 09.09.18
Spirulina gives you more energy 08.09.18
A glass of kefir per day increases muscle strength and endurance 07.09.18
Supplementation with these two mushrooms decimates the human papillomavirus 06.09.18
A lifestyle that simultaneously makes you leaner and fitter protects against cancer 05.09.18
Chlorella increases the effect of interval training 04.09.18
Meta-study: lower vitamin D levels, more excess weight 03.09.18
Humulus lupulus supplement combats depression, anxiety, and stress 02.09.18
Chlorella, the green life extender 01.09.18
Full body workout is a teeny weeny bit more effective than a split routine 31.08.18
Homemade yogurt is the best source of probiotics 30.08.18
More anabolic steroids, more sexual problems 29.08.18
Dreams are a measure of mental health 28.08.18
Kombucha, the controversial life-extender 27.08.18
Laxogenin reduces fat percentage, hydroxy-laxogenin increases muscle mass 26.08.18
Green neighborhood lowers breast cancer risk 25.08.18
Small amount of caffeine gives strength athlete better grip on weights 24.08.18
Does Grape Seed Extract protect your heart and blood vessels when you're on steroids? 23.08.18
Sleep deprivation causes 'social leprosy' 22.08.18
Plant based low carb diet is healthy, animal low-carb diet is not 21.08.18
Animal study: luteolin lowers estradiol level 20.08.18
Glycine rejuvenates old cells 19.08.18
Inhaling essential oils after workout speeds recovery and improves performance 18.08.18
Sauna makes fit people even healthier 17.08.18
Betaine supplement makes strength athlete on diet lose more body fat 16.08.18
Coffee ingredient chlorogenic acid blocks insulin's pro-aging effect 15.08.18
Healthy blood vessels, strong muscles 14.08.18
Ginseng steroid Rg1 rejuvenates athletes' muscles 13.08.18
Schoolchildren's brains work better after two glasses of water 12.08.18
The ginseng steroid Rg1 makes humans fitter 11.08.18
How ginger banishes bad breath 10.08.18
Astragalus membranaceus reduces hay fever 09.08.18
Cissus quadrangularis as a herbal weight loss aid: minus 7 kilos in 2 months 08.08.18
An active lifestyle doubles the chance that you will still be perfectly healthy 10 years from now 07.08.18
Lycopene lowers blood pressure 06.08.18
Aronia delays aging of heart and blood vessels 05.08.18
Eating off a plate with the right color makes eating less much easier 04.08.18
Fast food chains are upping the amount of calories and sodium in their products 03.08.18
Obesity doesn't have to stand in the way of building muscles 02.08.18
What is more effective? Strength training with a narrow or a wide pyramid system? 01.08.18
Mentha spicata extract fixes lapses in your memory 31.07.18
Investing time & energy in others makes you happier 30.07.18
Bodybuilder (60) gets heart enlargement after heavy testosterone cycle and experiment with stem cells 29.07.18
What strength training system gives the best results? The pyramid system or the constant load system? 28.07.18
Salecan, a new sports supplement? 27.07.18
Yoga and meditation can not push the ego aside 26.07.18
This is the effect of strength training in combination with a hypercaloric ketogenic diet 25.07.18
Early evening meal protects against cancer 24.07.18
Better weight loss results with self-hypnosis 23.07.18
Replacing regular soft drinks with diet sodas helps colon cancer patients survive 22.07.18
Worn knee joint? Drink two cups of mint tea a day 21.07.18
Strength training and interval training go well together 20.07.18
Obese, but nevertheless healthy? 19.07.18
SkQ1 extends lifespan through the immune system 18.07.18
Daily piece of fruit protects against deadly heart attacks and strokes 17.07.18
Ginger, the life-extensionist's spice 16.07.18
Alpha-cedrene, a completely new kind of anabolic from cedar oil 15.07.18
Lemon balm kills cancer cells 14.07.18
Androgens give users an excuse for aggression 13.07.18